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Thread: What RWIN numbers to use..

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    What RWIN numbers to use..

    What other values lower then 17520 can I use for my Receieve Window?

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    Welcome to Speedguide, please read here so that we can properly help you. If you read it carefully it will explain how and what you need to do to find your optimum RWIN.

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    Let me rephrase my question.

    Well i suffer from packetloss as you can see since 2001 and since lowering the RWIN value it can decrease a little bit of packetloss I believe.(correct me if wrong). Well I am currently at 17520 for my RWin. Since I dont know how to calculate it to a correct value I am looking for values lower then 17520 to see if it is able to clear up some more packetloss.

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    Do what mnosteele52 requested and go to the link he posted. It shows you how to calculate the RWIN. From that you should be able to determine what RWIN's lower than what you stated would work.


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