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Thread: ICS w/ Cable Modem

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    ICS w/ Cable Modem

    Hi, I have a cable modem that I can connect two pcs to, one thourgh ethernet and one through usb. Im only allowed to have two pcs hooked up or they will supposedly disconnect my service. I also have a D-Link DI-614+ Wireless Router. IM currently running my laptop from the modem on usb and running my parents computer off the modem on ethernet. I want to hook up one more computer, my brothers via wireless with my router. My question is can I use the built connection sharing software that comes with xp to share the connection with the wireless router? I just want 3 computers online at the same time, please e-mail me at, thank you in advance...

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    Why not just connect the router to the Cable modem. You can then connect all your PC's to the router without having to use ICS.
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