Hi, I have several problems, probably all my fault for I have neglected this for a while.
I have windows ME, and know very little about computers.
1. My System Restore thing in the computer has not worked in a LONG time. Every time I would try to use it it would not matter the date I chose it would start the restore process and then tell me it was unable to do it and nothing was changed. My system has not even created a restore point since last september.
2. about 2 weeks ago regardless of the way the computer is shut off when you reboot the scan disc thing pops up and says it was shut down improperly and will scan for problems...even when it is shut down properly. Then it just takes FOREVER to run it. Today I finally let it run its course, and it took about 6 hours to do it...very strange.
3. I have .DLL problems here there and everywhere.
I have run my Norton utilities which sometimes will say everything is aok, and others it will say this that or the other thing is wrong and fix it. But the problems still keep happening.
I am afraid I need to do a system recovery...but I have tons of info in here that I need for my business, including important emails pertaining to transactions .
Is there a way I can avoid system recovery? Is there a way to do it without loosing picture files, mp3 files and all my mail in OE?
Sorry this is so long but I could really use some help.
God Bless