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Thread: Sent it back....

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    Sent it back....

    The NEC 19" LCD..... 1920nx

    Alas, the ghosting was a bit too annoying. I will have a chance to play with one of the new Princeton Graphics monitors this week. If it does not do it for me, I will have to order one of the HItachi or Toshibas...

    I want to learn more and more to see as beautiful what is necessary in things; then I shall be one of those who make things beautiful. Amor fati: let that be my love henceforth! I do not want to wage war against what is ugly. I do not want to accuse; I do not even want to accuse those who accuse. Looking away shall be my only negation. And all in all and on the whole: some day I wish to be only a Yes-sayer.

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    You'll like the Hitatchi....fastest out there at this time.
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