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Thread: Debate: Ad-Aware vs Spybot

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    Exclamation Debate: Ad-Aware vs Spybot

    Lets here the pro's and con's for both...or Which one you perfer....

    The better of the two...I personally just checked out Spybot today..and found that..I liked it better...It caught things that Ad-Aware didn't...

    Your experiences...comments..?
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    Personally I don't think there is a debate. Both apps are FREE and both find things that the other misses, they both have pros and cons but it is a must to use both to be safe. Spyware is one of the worst things to happen to the internet and computers, in my opinion is should be considered a virus and illegal.

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    spybot vs. ad aware

    It's my opinion that spybot is better. The following quotes are the last 4 posts in an earlier thread:

    Originally posted by ghettoside
    I got on the internet with a cable modem about a month ago. I started having problems after 1 day. Got browser hijacked twice. Also had some thing called Gator riding in my tray. I installed spybot search and destroy, sywareblaster, spyware guard, and hijack-this.
    Cleaned out the garbage, and I have yet to get one piece of spyware detected by spybot since then. I run it every day. Spyware guard has caught one thing so far.
    I'm certainly no expert, and I don't have any trouble deciding what to have spybot remove.
    As for ad aware, it was reccommended by the cable company, but everything I read at anti-spyware sites was negative unless you had ad aware plus, and even then, spybot was preffered. It seems the general opinion at the anti-spyware sites is that ad aware doesn't detect as much as spybot and doesn't update enough. Several sites had notes stating that they had removed the link to ad aware until such time as ad aware resolved certain issues.
    AND, my neighbor was using ad aware. He was having a few problems with his connection. We put on the anti-spyware stuff I listed above, and spybot found some spyware that ad aware had missed. He's real satisfied with the results.
    Even if spybot was riding in the tray, I'd still use it. Blaster doesn't ride in the tray. Although guard rides in the tray, I'd rather have that rather than some piece of spyware residing on my system.

    Maybe I talk too much?
    Originally posted by jarablue
    Dude I don't know what you are smokin but Ad Aware updates waaaaay more then Spybot. I use both but Ad Aware has a waaaay better interface. Genrally speaking Ad Aware blows away Spybot. But Spy is good to.

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by chpalmer
    This is taken from

    Do not use Lavasoft's AD-Aware to remove, WebHancer or CommonName. At the time of this writing (Feb. 17 2003), AD-Aware is reported to be intermittently botching removals of these programs, resulting in loss of Internet access. None of the usual fixes (listed on page above) seem to fix this reliably.
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by ghettoside
    I and my site are no longer part of TeamLavasoft

    To search and destroy Spyware/Adware/Slyware/Malware.....
    (Slyware is what I call them)

    Do not use AdAware until they fix their problem
    Note: AdAware Plus and Pro are available for version 6.
    I have tried the Plus version and I am not impressed
    with the detection that it currently provides nor am I
    happy with the fact that in order to have more features
    as has been promised with this version, you have to
    purchase the Pro version
    The free version is out now of AdAware
    So in my opinion, stay with SpybotSD for detection and
    removal of the problems you are/might be having.
    (well, let's see, SpybotSD is free, AdAware Pro is 39.95:
    SpybotSD gets more targets and types, AdAware may be up-to-date in the future)
    Net-Integration post about this
    SpywareInfo Newsletter about this
    LockerGnome Newsletter about this

    SpybotSD is another fine tool to use for this task,
    (Exellent in my opinion)
    sample install FAQ located Here
    Written by Mosaic1 from SpywareInfo Forums for your use

    A longer install and review of this software can be found here

    here's the link:
    (and it links to more posts in re ad aware)
    I read at least half a dozen negative reports on ad aware, sites that had removed their link to ad aware, this is the only site I have saved in my favorites and I'm too busy right now to fish for more. BUT- suit yourself.
    PS- I'm not smokin anything.

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    Yup I'm already satisfied with Spybot I think that discover more spyware than Ad-Ware.
    I also like Pestpatrol... good one.
    Welcome to my world!


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