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Thread: my NIC installed twice???

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    my NIC installed twice???

    my device manager shows i have it installed only once, but my system mechanic program shows it's installed twice. i'm not sure which is telling the truth, and how can i tell if i have it installed twice or not? i've noticed other programs show my NIC up twice, also.
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    Haven't seen it as a problem in 2K or XP yet...but was commonly found in Win9X, where if you moved the NIC to another slot, or improperly upgraded the drivers, you'd find multiple installations if you rebooted into Safe Mode and checked Device Manager. Rememoving them all there and re-installing properly on the reboot cured that.
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    When you go into device manager click the View button and select "show hidden devices". If two are now listed you could delete one and see what happens on a reboot. I like YeOldeStonecat's Idea, of deleting them all and then install it again once.
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