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Thread: I went to guidance today

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    Post I went to guidance today

    Wow never knew i can get so much help. I think i just made the soccer team since... the counselor told the coach something. still going after baseball maybe i'll make it. Some of your tips really help me out too. thanx guys
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    Cool man, take it easy. Remember, if you don't make the soccer/baseball teams, don't sweat it. Competition sometimes is tough in sports. If you get cut, go play on a rec league. Your local parks dept. or YMCA can hook you up.

    Good luck!
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    Hey Speed, glad to see that you're gettin back on the right track. I pray that it all turns out for the better
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    If only all of the youth today would tell somebody they trust if they have a problem.

    Tell someone, people care.

    I remember some time ago, I was playing yahoo euchre and this girl slowly revealled that she had been raped by her boyfriends father while she was drunk and passed out a few nights before.

    She was dying to tell someone, but I guess she didnt have anyone she knew that she felt comfortable telling.

    I think we eventually convinced her to let someone know. I dont know how it turned out but I wish her well.
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