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Thread: group policy

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    group policy

    how can i make a user account and restrict their access to what they see and can do when they log on?

    I only need to make one account, I tried going through the group policy but whatever i change effects the admin and other accounts too.

    I guess I need a book on active directory now

    I cant find any good sites either.

    EDIT:woohoo i fixed it myself, finally fixed something yea, i just had to set the domain admin to deny group policy.

    EDIT AGAIN: does anybody know how to remove SBS admin and personal console off the start menu
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    Will Work For FSB

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    To remove items from teh start menu - just right click the start menu, choose explore and then remove it from teh folder.

    P.S The best book i have seen on group policy is also free. It's available at in ebook format - it's excellent.



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