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Thread: TCP/IP Analyzer and ICS

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    TCP/IP Analyzer and ICS

    I have established my LAN with network cards in two computers, one of which is connected to the internet through USB to a cable modem. I am using Microsoft's Internet Connection Sharing (installed only on the computer with internet connection). Both computers are running WIN98SE. When I run the TCP/IP Analyzer, I find my configuration is OK except for MTU which is 552 (and I get the normal recommendation to set it to 1500). Problem is, I set it to 1500 and I still get the same results. I have added MaxMTU=1500 to both NetTrans locations in the registry where TCP/IP is identified. I also added it to each instance where Internet Sharing Protocol is displayed (just in case). I also made the appropriate changes to my client computer. The IP address displayed when I run the TCP/IP Analyzer is the IP address of the ICShare Adapter when I check with winipcfg. This is also the same address specified in my TCP/IP settings for the TCP/IP bound to the cable modem. Everything seems to be as it should be. So, what am I missing?

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    Thanks for the help. The Speedguide TCP/IP Analyzer now says I am optimized. At first I didn't think the answer was at your recommended link. I linked to another site through them and ended up at Microsoft and the Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 230116, Slow Transfer Rates with ICS and High-Bandwith Devices;en-us;q230116 . After everything worked out, I went back to your link, , and found their reference to the same article. Anyway, thanks again.


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