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Thread: DSL Speed problems and IRC upload Problems! HELP!

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    DSL Speed problems and IRC upload Problems! HELP!

    Well, I just recently got Sprint/Earthlink DSL, and I ordered the 1.5mbps package.
    When I download I have NEVER seen over 100k/sec, and when I download 2 files they split up to around 50k/sec each.
    I should be getting over this right?
    What can I do to fix this?
    Also, when I use IRC, I cannot send anybody ANYTHING!
    It just doesn't send, I can send fine thru FTPs and stuff, but not on IRC. Oh yah, and on AIM I can't direct connect.
    All this worked fine when I had my cable modem awhile back.

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    Tell us more

    How far are you from the CO?

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    About 95 miles i think

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    also are u behind a router and or firewall or using zone alarm also read read 1st below me it has most of the questions that need to be answered i know u answered most a little more info could help please thank u
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