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Thread: Windows XP Start Menu

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    Windows XP Start Menu

    Does anyone know how to customize the start menu for Windows XP I just installed it and I'm confused
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    The easiest way is to drag and reorganize it...That keeps you from screwing up other user's Start folders.

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    right click on the start menu itself and go to properties.

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    Got to My Computer>Drive C:\ (or wherever your XP files are installed)>Documents & Settings.

    From there you should see atleast the following folders:

    - Administrators
    - All users

    If you have specific users other than Admin, i.e. your name, you should see a folder in there as well and any other user profiles. In those profile folders should be a "Start Menu" folder and any start up items that you've loaded.

    The "All Users" profile folder holds items for anyone that logs on to the computer, i.e. Accessories and Games. Most times with WinXP you have to be logged in as the Admin or have Admin rights in order to install any software - depending how you've set you your OS.

    PM me if you have anymore questions - but I am in noway an IT pro - I just know how to control my rig to the way I like it.
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