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Thread: DE-Compile CODE

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    DE-Compile CODE

    I have a variety of programs that I would like to decompile.

    Can anyone offer insight on how to go about decompiling?

    Specifically, I am referring to C++, Java, Visual Basic, and Fox Pro

    Thanks for the help

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    You can't. You can reverse-engineer, but that is more an investigation of behaviors. You will not end up with C++ or any other high languages' code. If that worked, MS would have gone out of business long ago.

    Do a google search on 'hex editor'.
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    Well actually some interpreted languages you can actually decompile into source. Specifically, there are a few java decompilers. I believe there is one for foxpro. There isn't one for any of the c or c++ compilers. There was one for vb3 and there are some tools to debug vb5/6. NuMega's SmartCheck is an excellent debugger. With it you can see everything that's going on inside a vb app (not as helpful on pcode apps of course).



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