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Thread: P4 newbie: *g* how will a p4 be oc´ed!?

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    P4 newbie: *g* how will a p4 be oc´ed!?

    is it locked like most athlon/XP or may I change all

    for example: buy a 2.4ghz 100fsb P4 may I raise it into a 2.53ghz 133 fsb !??!?!?!
    The "A" ... "B" thing

    Thank you
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    yup, fsb alone..and don't goes quite high...i took a 133MHz fsb p4 (533 effective) to 166 EASILY..and it was a 2.53GHz and it ramped up to 3.15GHz.. i bet w/ better ram (it was pc2100) I could have done more..was my friends..


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    for the P4s
    ex. P4 1.8a means
    1.8ghz 400mhz bus (100 quad pumped) w/512k L2 Cache

    P4 1.8b means
    1.8ghz 533mhz bus (133 quad pumped) w/512k L2 Cache

    P4 1.8 means
    1.8ghz 400mhz bus (100 quad pumped) w/256k L2 Cache

    btw I don't think a 1.8b exists..just using it as an ex.

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    I have a 2.5GHz 400bus at 3.0GHz. It will go 3.1 on win2K, but not XPpro.

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    Well, i just so happen to have an Engineering Sample P4 2.2a which has unlocked multipliers from 16x-22x. Unfortunately its the b0 stepping and i cant really get it 100% stable above 2.7ghz without going past my vcore limit of 1.6v.
    if this were a c1 stepping p4 i would easily be at 3.2 ghz @ 1.6v(in theory of course)

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    Originally posted by nepenthe
    I have a 2.5GHz 400bus at 3.0GHz. It will go 3.1 on win2K, but not XPpro.


    as time goes on i'm finding i can get a bit higher than before. i remember we were about equal with our 2.5s, dunno if ur into playing with it so much.


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