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Thread: What is The Format for a MLA Cover Page For An Essay?

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    What is The Format for a MLA Cover Page For An Essay?

    Anyone know of any links that shows this?

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    I didn't think you did cover pages for an essay according to MLA rules

    Just on the first page you put the info needed (name, prof. name, course, etc...) then start your essay on the same page. I'll look for a couple of links here in a sec.

    "The First Page

    MLA style does not use a title page. Instead, all the important information such as your name, your instructor's name, the course, date of submission, and the essay's title appear on the first page before the start of your essay.

    Caution: Some English Department instructors may request a separate title page; please ask your instructor if a title page is required.

    from here;


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