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Thread: God bless the little children

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    God bless the little children

    Had a bad day today, so excuse me if I vent. I really need to get this off my chest. Myself and another officer responded to an ETS assist call at a local residence. The call was in reference to a baby, who had stopped breathing. I started that way and when the dispatcher followed up that the parents had started CPR, I bumped it up to emergency. I busted intersections like crazy trying to get there. I was the first one to get on scene. Got to the child, which was in the parents bedroom, laying on their bed. Baby was already cool to the touch, had no pulse and was not breathing. I started CPR, but knew there was nothing I could do. ETS got there pretty much right after I did and scooped the baby up and headed for the ambulance to transport. The baby was only 12 weeks old. It was so sad to watch them at the hospital, working on him and then later when they were dressing him for the parents to come in and spend time with him before forensics picked him up. Let me tell you it's a damn helpless feeling. I would rather bust heads with all manner of thugs, vandals, and thieves, than every have to go to another call like this. I've seen dead bodies before and even watched someone pretty much die in my arms, but God when they are so young................ Needless to say I came home and hugged my children at the first opportunity. Anyway thanks for letting me rant.
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    nothing I could say really.. just that u've done all you could...

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    Heck of a post, Russell........All jobs have their highs and lows....Your profession sees some terrible things...I could not imagine going through something like that.

    Thanks for the kids are almost grown...I think I'll give them a hug as soon as I can.

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    Wow, now my pissy clients seem kinda fun. I don't think I'd do well having to deal with such events, hell I know I would not. I can see one silver lining in it really can appreciate your HEALTHY kids that much more.

    Geezus man, thats rough.
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    The all too often unseen side of the life of a Policeman, Russell. You obviously tried to do all you could and then some.

    A rant?... no, don't think so.

    Go hug your kids again.

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