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Thread: Netgear FR114p remote login

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    Netgear FR114p remote login

    How secure would the remote login fetaure be on a Netgear FR114p?


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    not so good...

    well john i can tell u unless u have remote conn services disabled, in win xp and telephony services and any service that will allow a remote connection to your computer, even if u have a firewall, a NAT device etc,

    routing and remote services, remote acess connection manager, etc should all be disabled services in win xp, unless u actually use them

    i had a hacker run some scripts against me,, right thru zone pro, and linksys router, etc, i wish i had saved the log files so that members could see them, they use a prog that querys your registry etc, was really interesting the diff methods they used,\\

    also in sys32 files some that start with ras...dll are the ones they use to make a connection, this is even with guest services off etc, lol i thought i was as secure as ft knox, but u learn something new all the time i guess...

    i guess u want to log onto your own computer remotely, just make sure u double check your services and users and log files to make sure noone else is connecting also.....
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