Experience incredible multiplayer gameplay, as the Multiplayer Beta Test code for IGI2: Covert Strike goes public at 2pm (GMT) Friday 10th January 2003.

Story driven single-player game. Gameplay in the multiplayer demo reflects the stealth and tactical approach of the single-player game. Reconnaissance elements provide for a new style of First Person Shooter multiplayer gaming, blending stealth and surveillance with action and gunplay.

Delivering dynamic multi-objective team-based combat, gameplay pits IGI (Institute for Geotactical Intelligence) operatives against the Conspiracy terrorist group. This public Multiplayer Beta Test calls for stealth and weapon skills to sabotage an old mineral plant that terrorists are using as a cover to extract uranium for covert weapons manufacturing.


find it at your normal demo dl places. fileplanet, fileshack, filefront (where i got it, no wait time).....etc.