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Thread: Cisco VPN over Netgear MA101 (wireless)

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    Cisco VPN over Netgear MA101 (wireless)

    Has anyone run into a problem running the Cisco VPN client over wireless Network Cards. It works fine on Win98 but I can't connect with WinXP or Win2000. I can take the same laptop and plug it directly into my Netgear MR314 and connect with no problems. I also have a friend that has the same problem using SMC equipment.

    I have updated drivers with no luck.

    Netgear tech support is way off base, they tell me I need to use port forwarding.


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    Yes- I've run into it w/Linksys WAPs, never tried Netgear's. Issue with the linky was resolved with a firmware revision. Wouldn't pass through IpSec for second phase authentication. I believe I've heard of this issue with NGs too- is there a setting to allow IpSec pass-through? Are you using WEP?

    They may not necessarily be off base with Port forwarding- I believe you need to allow Inbound/Outbound for UDP port 500 to IP address of your VPN server; Inbound/Outbound for UDP port 10,000 to the same server IP (if you're using NAT); and Inbound/Outbound for IP type 50 (ESP) to the same server IP. I believe this is in an attempt to circumvent the Nat-T issue, which their unit ,ay not be able to overcome. I'll look into it some more.
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    Thanks. I appreciate the reply.

    I'm not using WEP.

    I'll try a firmware upgrade.

    The reason I was thinking Tech support was off base is because the VPN client works fine with the machine plugged into one of the switch ports on the MR314 Router just fails with the wireless connection, it also worked wirelessly under Win98.


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