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Thread: Problems with Windows 98 and the Windows Update Site

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    Angry Problems with Windows 98 and the Windows Update Site

    Ok, here it goes. I have an older computer consisting of the following:


    Pentium II 200mhz
    64 mb ram (maxed out)
    4 gb HDD


    Windows 98 Upgrade OEM Registered


    Comcast Cable Internet Broadband
    Linksys Router


    This is a secondary computer in which I have upgraded from Windows 95 to 98 utilizing a retail Win98 Upgrade package I purchased from the store.

    To make a long story short, I am having problems with the new Windows Update site. Most of the time, I will go there and it will hang at "searching for updates 0% completed". Once in a great while, I will actually get it to complete the search and find 8 critical updates that my computer needs. However, I will get all the way through the download selection process to where the License Agreement screen pops up and waits for me to click on "Agree". When I click on agree, the button depresses and nothing happens. The agreement screen does not go away and the downloads do not continue. This is as far as I can get.

    I have been through the Microsoft knowledge base many times and have tried everything they have pertaining to this subject short of a HD reformat.

    My questions are:

    If I could somehow get ahold of the "automatic updates v4.0" would this help me get around this problem?

    Where can I download Windows Critical Update Notification 4.0 other than the windows update site?

    Has anyone else experienced this same issue and found a way to fix it?

    I have two other PC's in the house running WinMe and they both have Automatic Updates installed on them. What files are associated with automatic update and can these be installed on my third computer without downloading anything from the internet?

    I have installed and ran Ad-Aware as well as Spy-bot search and destroy as well as reinstalled IE 5.5 and 6.0 to no avail.

    I do not want to upgrade this computer to WinMe because of the ease of being able to enter DOS mode to use some of the older progs that I still have on that puter.

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    Try this:

    And as always...

    Google is your friend.

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    You should MINIMULY be using IE 5.01SP2 at windows update now because of the CSS and DHTML used there now.
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