Alright, I've got a problem that has been happening for the past two weeks or so.

I have a Terayon TJ615 cable modem connected to a Linksys BEFSR41 router, which is in turn sharing the modem to 3 PCs, and 1 laptop. One of the PCs is never turned on, but I keep the ethernet connected in case it is ever turned on.

Here is the what happens. One second I'll be on AIM, or browsing the net, then bam, all of a sudden i can't send IMs, or cant get to a site. I refresh, and still nothing happens. I will also get disconnected from IRC as well. This all happens about 20-30 times to day and it takes anywhere from 5 to 60 seconds to reconnect to the net.

I know it's not my ethernet card because my laptop (which is located directly to my right) can't connect to the web either.

I would like to solve this problem soon as I am getting an XBox and XBox Live and would not like it to cause me to drop from the game, or to cause tremendous lag.

Any help with this situation would be great.