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Thread: Wireless internet thoughts

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    Wireless internet thoughts has recently become available in my area. The idea of 768/768 for $67/month sounds very appealing to me, and I am considering dropping my 768/128 cable connection.
    Can anyone who is using a wireless internet service offer any pros and cons... suggestions... etc. to help make my decision. I cam't seem to find much information on the subject.

    The rep claims that service is not affected by the weather, that uptime is 99.8%, and that 768/768 is guaranteed minimum bandwidth, and in actuality, will usually be more. Is all this true??


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    If you have any 2.4ghz telephones and/or any 1000+watt Microwave ovens be propared for signal strength drops from hell...........

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    Yep wireless is slower and has too many issues at this time, it's still in it's infancy.... not to mention it's very unsecure.
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    The biggest thing that effects the stability in wireless is range to tower. I am on wireless and typically run speeds of 750 to 1Mbit Down and 400 to 900 UP. Wireless does vary some and range to tower affects this. I am 7.1 Miles to Tower. My friend is about 1.5 to tower and he typically runs over 1Mbit Down and 600 + Up. Yes 2.4 Phones do cause issues if they are close to your computer(better if you dont have or use at all in same house) As wireless works on 2.4 ghz transmissions. I have never had any trouble with the Microwaves but I suppose its possible. As far as weather Only Lightining has ever efected the signal. Severe rain or snow has never effected my transmission. I live in the boonies so DSL not available and No cable in my town. I would probably stay with a line based ISP at this time, However Dont rule out Wireless in the future. As stated above in another post its still pretty new to the ISP market. As far as being non -secure-- Not really anymore than any other ISp out there. (if somone wants the info bad enough they always gonna get it no matter what you using) You can still use Firewalls and such with Wireless.



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