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  1. GlobeSurfer III as PPTP VPN Client - traffic going to internet, not to vpn

    Hi everyone,

    I have a Globesurfer III router which has the ability to connect as a PPTP VPN client. I have setup the connection on the router - server name, username, password. And it connects...
  2. Hi there, Thanks for this! Kind regards,...

    Hi there,

    Thanks for this!

    Kind regards,
  3. ISP seems to be resetting MTU...Which do I use?

    Hi everyone,

    My ISP is Vodafone Spain via HSDPA. My MTU was always 1500. And when I checked it using the TCP/IP Analyzer, it appeared as 1500 and that was what I had my TCP/IP settings set for....
  4. Thanks a lot. I did as you suggested. It still...

    Thanks a lot. I did as you suggested. It still didn't change. So, my next call will be to the ISP. Thanks again. Julian
  5. Defaulttosvalue doesn't change in analyzer


    I have been doing some tweaking of my settings and then verifying the changes using the online tcp analyzer tool. I see all of my changes except for the defaulttosvalue. I have set it to...
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