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    Retroactive Port Scanning


    I was wondering whether there was a way to scan for the PID of a process that was listening on a port previously but isn't listening any more. I used lsof -i but the port doesn't show up...
  2. First off, thank you for your reply "So, you...

    First off, thank you for your reply

    "So, you have some app listening to port 53213. Yes, if you are on Apple this could be Xsan"

    Yes Im using a Mac. What exactly is Xsan? I read that it's been...
  3. Network Security - Open TCP Port 53213 Question


    When I used the Port Scanner in Network Utility, I noticed there were 3 open TCP ports: Port 1110, which had nfs-status as its usage, Port 1538, which linked to 3ds-lm, and Port 53213 which...
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