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  1. How many installed wi-fi internet adapters on one computer?

    How many wifi internet adapters can be installed at the same time on one computer? Will the installations interfere with eachother?

    I had a "Wireless G card" of Linksys a few years ago and I used...
  2. So what you two are saying is that one does not...

    So what you two are saying is that one does not need to officially DISCONNECT from one wifi signal before CONNECTING to a new wifi signal. Is this correct? Then the software will detect that the...
  3. different hotspot locations and being connected

    If one has an internet wifi connection at one hotspot and never changes any settings or connection, can he travel to a different hotspot and establish a wifi connection there and the computer have...
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    safe to just delete, or not?

    There are some files which were already on this computer which I either never used or no longer use, and I wonder if I can safely just delete them?

    They are these:
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    upload attachements to email from CD

    Should uploading attachements to email messages, from Compact Disc files be possible? If the act fails, what changes should be made to allow making such attachements to email from files on a compact...
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    Yes. The laptop no longer has the wireless g...

    Yes. The laptop no longer has the wireless g adapter card. I was borrowing it and gave it back to the person and now cannot go online wirelessly, so I hope to at least occasionally hook the laptop...
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    direct line between router and laptop

    Not really sure about this one ---

    Here there is a main computer connected to a router, and the router also sends a wireless signal. The main computer always has an internet "Broadband"...
  8. install several wireless g adapters on one computer

    If we wish to install and keep a few wireless g adapters on a single one computer, such as to try the different g adapters, is this good or will the different softwares for the different adapters...
  9. System Information, Adapter - how to use & understand?

    What does all this information mean, and what may I do with it?

    When I look in System Information, Components, Network, Adapter, I find these sets of data:

    Name ...... ...
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