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    BT Hub to Draytek 2600i VPN

    We have a Draytek 2600i router in the office and the VPN works fine.
    I connect from home and we have a number of accounts set up on it now (thanks to the help from this forum)

    However we want to...
  2. Excellent, this is exactly how I was thinking but...

    Excellent, this is exactly how I was thinking but needed someone else to say it.

    My plan is to introduce off-site backup which would cost us around 100 per month, 1200 per year to safeguard the...
  3. RAID 5 disk removal for backup!!! :eek:

    This is a good un.

    I am campaigning for an off-site backup for our company but am having difficulty due to the increase in expence between that and manual tape backup using MS BACKUP.

    I was...
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    Wireless networking and VPN

    I am setting up our remote sales staff with VPN connections.

    We have a static IP Public address on our VPN router at the office.
    Our office network is on
    DNS server is on...
  5. Here's how I did it!! VPN to an Office network

    Hardware and Infrastructure

    For the server we run Windows 2003 Server
    The remote PC must be running Windows XP Pro.
    I have a standard broadband connection (with Virgin).
    We have a Draytek Vigor...
  6. 2 users suddenly drop off the network!!

    We have a relatively small network of about 35 clients.
    All use WinXpPro and all use the same software.

    We use Quick Messenger as our messenger progrma because they like it, it's easy to use and...
  7. Remote Desktop to control win2kPro from WinXP

    Is this possible.

    I still have a couple of Win2K machines on our network doing trivial things but would like to use remote desktop from my WinXP Pro machine to control them.

    Any ideas how?
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    I thought the IP address would definately work...

    I thought the IP address would definately work but nah!!

    I have an LMhosts file correctly edited as well.

    As far as I can see I have done everything and more in order to get this mapping done...
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    this VPN error is really bugging me

    I've had a post up here for a while now concerning VPN/DNS but the original issue was only resolved to the point that I got a valid script working on a network machine.

    I am now trying to get...
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    Is a Router faster than a modem?

    I currently have a Speedtouch DSL modem at home with speeds ;-) ranging from 2.8 - 4.8. I'm actually on an 8mbs unlimited connection but max is around 4Mbs

    At work I have a Vigor Draytek 2600i...
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    I've just been trying: net use G:...

    I've just been trying:
    net use G: \\server6\Shared\ /user:domain\user password
    this works

    but this does not:
    net use G: \\\Shared\ /user:domain\user password

    The error message...
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    Nice one. I mean, it's not like we have...

    Nice one.

    I mean, it's not like we have hundreds of remote workers, just 3 for now.

    Also there would only be 2 NetBios names that need resolving.

    If we were to be taking on loads of remote...
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    Yes, basically that I need remote PC's running XP...

    Yes, basically that I need remote PC's running XP Pro to be able to connect to our LAN (not the domain) to access a couple of directories on the server, namely a file directory and the mail...
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    VPN/DNS Sanity check

    What I am trying to achieve is a VPN connection that I can use to map network drives on a remote machine using the ‘net use’ command without the need for the remote machine to join the Domain, thus...
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