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  1. ok thank you for the information ,I also thought...

    ok thank you for the information ,I also thought the issue is in the isp network since I posted ,they have sent a tech to my place to check it for Own Domain faults and they didn't find any lol...
    Single thread outside isp network

    Multithread inside isp network
  3. TCP Analyzer Results Tested... TCP Analyzer Results
    Tested on: 2019.11.20 10:55
    IP address: 115.187.xx.xx
    Client OS/browser: Windows 10 (Chrome 78.0.3904.108)

    TCP options string:...
  4. Slow Single Thread TCP speed multithreaded is fine

    Hello ,
    I have a 60mbps unlimited connection that promises 60 down and 25 up
    when i test on speed test websites it shows that I get 58 down and 25 up to my isp but when I do the single mode test...
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