Axis of Evil

    You gonna go dirty hairy or Rambo style?
  2. Izzo
    It should be vacant already but I gotta post it.
    Noevo truly is evil, he cheers for the Red Wings! lol
  4. ghost
    I had a small evil moment this morning when I tagged a squirrel with my pellet rifle ('83 Daisy Powerline 881). They're eating all of the bird seed and had been on notice since last week, with warning shots to the butt and strong language.
  5. ghost
    Previously, I'd been trapping them, painting them pink, then releasing them up the road. That has now stopped and the body count has begun. It now stands at 4.
  6. Noevo
    Yes I do, and damn proud of it

    nice ghost, went through similar last fall with a family of skunks. they're in the same plot so it's okay right?
  7. Izzo
    I had a buddy who skinned the mice he caught in his garage....he had like 8-9 mouse pelts hanging on his wall 'for all their friends to see'
    We've got lots of mice traps up.
  9. ghost
    I had trapped about 14 squirrels over the course of about a week and a half and was releasing one of them when some guy driving by saw me and stopped. He told me that his buddy had done the same thing and they came back. He knew this because he'd painted them. So that's what I started doing and sure enough, pink squirrels started showing up.

    "Well, damn," I thought. Then I started releasing them farther from the house and they were unable to find their way back. But others would take the previous tennants' territory and we still had the problem. That's when the shooting began.
  10. ghost
    Mouse pelts, LOL. He should have mounted the heads on the wall, like a safari hunter would do with a wild boar or antelope.
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