Axis of Evil

  1. brembo
    Oh, and Gixxer playing in the Root of Evil thread. What a maroon. He's trying to be deep and thoughful and merely coughing up stuff he's heard other folks say in passing. It's like his derail of another thread about "tree falling in forest" bulltripe. I laughed my ass off at him in that thread too. I ALMOST deconstructed his post, but decided to keep it on track with Roody being an absolute twit.
  2. Roody
    Real classy brembo. Here I am trying to have a discussion on views and apparently my different view makes me a twit.
  3. brembo
    A total twit. Defending something to the end because it's a sacred cow. If it does not complement my chosen path it MUST be an attack. That's pretty narrow minded in my book. It's that kind of thinking that starts wars.
  4. Roody
    That isn't what I was doing brembo. I was taking offense because at the time he appeared to be insulting all religious people. I am still waiting on him to clarify this. If he does then the issue has more to do with a poor choice of words on his part then me being a twit.

    The fact you think that me taking offense to his remarks makes me close minded is just absurd and frankly uninformed. Again I have no problems if that's how he chooses to believe things, but I have every right to expect a lack of insults when conveying that view. If me expecting that makes me a twit then I can certainly accept that.
  5. brembo

    It's a religious thread and I should not have stuck my nose in there anyway. People get way jumpy and say some pretty absurd things. I'm done with it.
  6. Roody
    Yeah they do. I will say this though. If you go back and take a look at this thread I didn't really start getting steamed until he made his remark about Independent thinking. It's possible I misunderstood his intent. If so then I certainly apologize for doing so.

    Anyway, just my own .02.

    Sorry to have interrupted your guys party. I will leave now.
    back on topic...

    Damn I barely had time to think about reporting that stupid wow porn video sava posted and it was gone. LOL
  9. brembo
    Sava's list of movies he likes:


    True the sample rate is low, but I see a definite trend. Either he's in a vegetative state or I really need to stay the hell away from W. Virginia.
  10. Izzo
    Do i gotta put a 'No mods allowed' sign up ? ...Jeebus
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