The Disciples of Mad Doc

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  1. RoundEye
    So, it seems like most of the group is here…….. when do the “in-doc-trinations” start?

    You haven’t been schooled properly, until you have been “in-doc-trinated” by the MadDoctor himself.
  2. Debbie
    I'm afraid to ask what that is.
  3. Ken
    Don't ask, just drop trousers, grab ankles and hope for the best!
  4. Debbie
    If I bend over and grab my ankles, I might fall down and hurt myself. Can I just drop on all fours and be safer that way?
  5. Randy
    No Deb you cant! its not safe as we still need your paper work ( and I'm not talking about the ity bits of paper that get caught here and there).
  6. Debbie
  7. Randy
    well isn't this place a just a whirlwind of excitement?.... maybe we could slander Brembo and his redneck style?
  8. Debbie
    Ok, you start.
  9. Randy
    ok first we slander deernuts then we invite him in
  10. Debbie
    There was a member named Brembo
    Who thought everyone was a putz
    Then we found out a long time ago
    That he really has three nutz

    I am not a poet and my feet certainly don't show it. They are not longfellows. BRING BACK PREY BECAUSE I NEED LESSONS!!!!!!!!!!!
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