The Disciples of Mad Doc

  1. Debbie
    Oh hell, you don't need suggestions from anybody. You of all people!!!!
  2. Randy
    hows that new job deberz?
  3. Debbie
    Peaceful. On Tuesday, my boss told me to go out. She does not want me hanging out in the office during my lunch hour. So, she sent me on a mission. She said go up two blocks and make a right. She believed there was a small park there, but wasn't sure because she never went there. So, I did and took pics with my cell phone. It is right by the water near the Queensboro bridge on the eastside of Manhattan. Nice view.

    But, the waterfall space that I found today was really nice. There is nothing more relaxing than the sound of a waterfall. Hey man, you never know who I might meet there!!
  4. Randy
    I should send you a hit of acid
  5. RoundEye
    Too funny

  6. Debbie
    Ok,...where did everyone go?
  7. Randy
    Deb you ignorant sl*t
  8. Debbie
    Randy, you sound like a broken record
  9. Randy
    I know ... I'm in a bit of a haggis like funk as of late
  10. Debbie
    Well, damn!!! Haggis never called me a slut!!
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