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Superbowl fiestivities in Indianapolis

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Last weekend for the Superbowl in Indy, my wife, two kids, son-in-law, and granddaughter all poured into my daughter's minivan and drove up to Indiana to enjoy all the festivities. We stayed at my mother-in-law's place, and spent Saturday downtown and watched the Superbowl from the house on Sunday. Had a great time, and took lots and lots of pictures

This was about as close as we could really get to the stadium. Security around Lucas Oil was very tight, and we were a little disappointed that we couldn't shop at the pro shop inside the stadium.

The zip line that they had set up along Capitol Avenue. You had to get downtown around 5 am just to get in line for it, and the tickets were usually sold out before 8 am.

The Mariott hotel where, I believe, the Giants stayed during their time in Indy. Pretty impressive to see an entire building such as this decorated the way it was.

A view of Lucas Oil Stadium from the top of the Soldier's and Sailors Monument at the center of town. Three hundred and twenty steps up. Kicked my butt - but so worth the view.

A view of the roman numerals from the top of the monument on the circle. My favorite picture of the weekend...

ESPN broadcasting on Pan Am Plaza, just a couple of blocks over from the stadium. Sitting from left to right (looking at them) are Sal Palantonio (sp?), Ron Jaworski, and Adam Schefter.

Lots of foreign press in town. Pretty fun to watch some of the interviews that were going on..

Lots of these little wire metal sculptures up and around town. Pretty nice work...

Lots and lots of banners around town. I especially liked this one...

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