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The Day the Bastard Died

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Tonight the world was informed that osama bin laden had finally met his fate at the hands of a small U.S. force comprised of CIA operatives and Seal Team 6. His body is currently in U.S. custody, and I would imagine that when everything is said and done, the remains will be obliterated to ensure no one will ever be able to use his burial as a shrine of some sort. The only thing that will be left of him will be the knowledge that he can no longer hurt anyone ever again.

The events of 9/11 are forever etched into our collective memory, and this measure of closure will never complete ease the suffering of those directly affected by what happened that September morning, but we now have an opportunity to move forward with a better, brighter future, one with a diminished terrorist threat. My hope? That the intelligence community presses forward and takes out the rest of bin laden's organization. We found bin laden, we can find the rest.

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