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Long story short.

Flashed bios, bios didn't work, cmos checksum error, couldn't boot into windows with that bios or any other OS (including any kind of livecd type of deal or even into the windows recovery stuff in my cd's and whatnot.), --been up for a while now shouldve gone to sleep like 6 hours ago but nope. Contemplated on buying a new rig for about ~500 (well building it but buying all the parts required), but seems like i didnt qualify for bill me later on newegg so i gave up on that--, researched thousands upon thousands of solution ideas for my problem on the interwebs (okay that's a largely exaggerated number but you get the idea), tried many of the solutions then finally 1 came through, unetbootin + freedos + AMI DOS BIOS Flasher + some slightly modified OEM Bios for my motherboard which I found right over here.

With that being said, I would like to thank the person(s) who made UNetbootin, FreeDOS, AMI DOS BIOS Flasher and the BIOS ROM's that I so needed to unbrick my motherboard. Also I would like to thank my dog for the emotional support she unknowingly provided and speedguide of course for having a place to post my nonsense.

Once it was all finished I felt like a million bucks... and extremely relieved... and then it hit me... it's way past my bed time and i gotta work in like 3 hours.. blargh..

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