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    Memories are tricky. They often do not recall all the details, but only those things which left the greatest impression on us. Memories are like our mind's sloppy painting of what happened. But they are all we have of the past, without them our sum of what is the now is lost. Without them we would lose our own identity. Maybe, David, that is what happened to your friends maybe they no longer sigh over past memories and because of this they lose who they are. I have bad memories and I have good memories. Without these memories I would not be who I am now, so I must cherish them all. In order to preserves the sum of who we are now, we must cherish the past and we can not let the movement from the before to the now undo the foundation of what is our own-selves.

    If you find that people have changed that should bring up in you a great sense of relief. Even though sometimes things change for the worst, it would be more horrifying to be in an existence where change is not possible. Take it as a sign that you and others can still grow and change in a way that is for the better. Then remind yourself that is still OK to dwell on the good old days no matter how different things are today.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Easto
    .... should be avoided as much as it is cherished.
    Well put, Michael.

    Yet, we inerrently crawl back to yearning, polishing the trophies of our recollection.
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    Everything in the past is behind us. It cannot be changed. I too have found myself lamenting days gone by. It is futile and should be avoided as much as it is cherished.