View Full Version : 2 sounds cards

12-03-02, 09:36 PM
How can i use 2 at once. I can only use one at a time in windows. This is so i can use headphones, and also my speakers. I have a Audigy and Onboard Sound. Like at night time i just wanna use headphones, but then i have to switch...

12-03-02, 09:49 PM
yea, but your programs can only be set to one thing.. meaning if u wanna have ur speakers in use in winamp..then switch to headphones..u have to go into the winamp prefs and change it to output thru the other card.. my suggestion is to get a minijack Y splitter instead, it's cheaper..a whopping 5-6 bucks (u know, the things that u plug into ur portable cd player so u can plug in 2 head phones???) that way ur speakers and headphones are alwayas in.