View Full Version : Good Vid in/Vid Out card

12-03-02, 06:39 PM
my 9700 Pro has vid out, but no vid in
Whats a good card to get that has vid in?

12-03-02, 09:23 PM

12-03-02, 09:50 PM
all in wonder 9700 is coming out soon.. other than that all in wonder 8500.

12-05-02, 03:12 AM
Well, what exactly do you want to do? Keep your current video card and just get an add on card for capturing video. I have a leadtek winfast tv2000 xp and it works great. Capture all my tv shows and can even pause live tv like TIVO. Comes with remote too. You can pick one of these up for about 65-70 bucks online.

12-05-02, 03:17 AM
I wouldnt buy a card like that... often they have slower memory timings and really are much more expensive.

You should look into a 'tv' type of card. Hauppage and ati both make them, along with dazzle. I've used a hauppage tv pci card before. It worked pretty well with ulead software and I had very low frames dropped.

You can often get the ati and hauppage for 40 after a rebate, with both of them retailing for $50.