View Full Version : Dead fan on GeForce 2 card

12-03-02, 11:22 AM
I was cleaning out the inside of my gaming rig, and I noticed that the fan on my Leadtek WinFast GeForce 2 GTS video card was spinning again. I already cleaner her up once in the past, but this time I went all out.

I yanked the heatsink off, cleaned off all the thernal gunk, and pulled the fan off. I tried to get a dab of oil on the fan, but I couldn't pull it apart. I assume it's not a brushless fan, it looks like a cheap-o brush fan.

I threw some artic silver on the chip and put it all back together. It runs a tad cooler now, but the fan barely spins. The software doesn't even register above 0rpm on the fan.

Does anyone know if I can get replacement fans for these things? Since I mainly use that box for Counterstrike only, I don't need to upgrade the card.

This is my card:

12-03-02, 12:33 PM




12-03-02, 04:13 PM
ahhh, I should'a know better. I forgot about all you crazy GPU overclockers, creating a market for these fans too...

I just ordered a Thermaltake Crystal Orb from 2cooltek, it'll match my Volcano 7 :)