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12-01-02, 10:50 PM
A friend of mine just bought a wd 80gig, this is to compliment the 80gig he already had. That means he has two 80gig hd's (snicker)

for a long time, his ASUS motherboard had trouble with just the one WD hard drive. He'd turn his computer on and it would say NO HARD DRIVE, or boot device. So, he'd turn it off and wait, when he turned it back on... it worked fine. This happened for quite some time, which was a pain in the apple.

finally, he tracked down his problem and it turned out it was software with winXP. After he isntalled SP1, problem vanishe4d!

He puts in the second WD hd and it works!!

Then, same day... he turns it on and both are gone. try again. still gone. gives up! He has tried new IDE cables TWICE. checked the power connectors too.

any ideas???

12-02-02, 06:17 AM
Power supply not enough or getting flakey?

How's he setting up the drives, master/slave on IDE 1?

If he only has 1x cd-rom, try making the 2nd HD master on IDE 2, leave HD 1 master or CS on IDE 1.

12-02-02, 06:34 AM
Try running them as cable select on the jumpers?:confused:

12-02-02, 09:06 AM
i'd had a problem w/ wds playing nice together if they aren't in cable select mode on certain controllers. put them both in cable select if on same cable, if seperate, then set them as single (no jumper at all)

12-02-02, 07:42 PM
I really want to thank stonecat, rat and armo for the help on this one!

He found a solution that is rather strange. He's found if all usb devices are off during boot, he's fine. This leads me to believe it is a power issue, however... he doesnt want to hear it. He's only got a 250watt running a celery 1.3, 2 HD's, burner, cdrom and a fan. I guess with a scanner, card reader, and printer via usb was too much during boot and didnt give the HD's enough juice.

12-02-02, 08:03 PM
Try giving him this equation maybe he'll understand then:

250W divided by 2xHDD+CDROM+CDr/rw+SystemFan+Scanner+Printer+Card Reader+all detected USB ports= 0% JUICE!! (especially if the HDD are 7200rpm'z) add to the square root of a atleast a 350W PSU...
Talkin' from experience here...Enermax 350W=$35.00USD approx.

12-02-02, 08:56 PM
np man anytime..and it is a power issue then..cause when u initially turn on a device it draws a little more current then when it settles...