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12-01-02, 08:28 PM
Let me start off by saying that I am aware that this may not be posted in the correct forum ... but I need some imput and there are more people in here then the other forums.

Is anyone familiar with the Nits 15" inch TFT LCD Panel? Here is a link to eBay where they are being auctioned off. I am thinking about getting an LCD monitor and this looks kind of nice.


12-01-02, 11:38 PM
Wish I could help ya out bro....

Nice LCD tho :)

12-01-02, 11:40 PM
Redirect to hardware....

12-02-02, 12:27 AM
2 red flags, man.............

sizably unknown mfgr/vendor, and it's off eBay.

not that the mfgr/dist is bad, but i don;t think i could recommend a vendor i have never heard of.

and buying off eBay? you are giving up ease of customer support buy buying that way. buying from a major retailer gives you a larger degree of insurance should a problem arise and a return is necessary.

who knows? it could be a rebadged Sony or Samsung TFT, and you could be saving a bundle. then again, it could be an inferior screen and you won't realize that until you have already gone to the trouble of buying it.

12-02-02, 06:11 AM
I'd be wary, unknown brand, and again, eBay, seems like you're often trying to buy something off the back of a truck in a dark alley in New York City....except you have a better chance of getting your goods in New York City.

Tried to pull up the brand Nits on Google...no hits...another reason to ponder. Nits is a measurement of brightness on LCD's, but can't pull any brand.

One of the resellers pitches makes me want to reach out and punch the guy across the jaw:

"Q. Why not buy a 18" LCD panel instead of having two 15" LCD panel
Do the math, 2 x 15" = 30", not only you have more screen real estate, it's also much more economical, where a single 18" typically sells for $700+, two 15" LCD in our case only cost about $550.00"

Well friggin DUH...with that stupid logic, what the hell am I saving up for a GeForce FX for, heck, for $500.00, I'm an idiot for wanting a GeForce FX when according to THIS guys logic, I should go out and 45 S3 Virge PCI video cards for the same amount of money.

12-02-02, 06:19 AM
Thank you everyone for your imput. I just wanted to get a feel for this. I guess I will keep looking.

Thanks again.

12-02-02, 06:19 AM

These guys are selling them too, but I wouldn't touch it.