View Full Version : wireless connection interferrence?

11-28-02, 10:10 AM
what are common interferrence issues with wireless connections?

aside from the obvious like walls and distance from the access point.

i ask because.....i can be like 20 feet from the access point and at times the signal will spontaenously drop to 50% when i havent even moved the machine. but then it comes right back up to 100%.

just wondering if there are any appliances in paticular that will give wireless a hard time or not.



11-28-02, 10:13 AM
Some cordless phones.

Maybe your house has been marked and on the map already as a hot spot for wireless "freeloaders". See any cars outside your place!

11-28-02, 10:23 AM
microwaves can do it if the access point is like RIGHT next to them

11-28-02, 10:41 AM
Florescent light fixtures, electric motors (like fridges).

And like YOSC said, I have seen 2.4ghz cordless phones completely shut down a WAP while you're talking on them.

11-28-02, 12:59 PM
sweet.....thanks for the input all you guys.

i will try to find out what co-relates to the signal loss.