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11-27-02, 09:20 AM
when installing a new hd can i just copy my old one to the new one or do i have to make a new install of my os system ?

11-27-02, 09:40 AM
You can go either way. It's best to do a clean install of the os to the new HDD. Just set the jumpers on the old HDD as slave and the new one as master. After you install the new os on the new drive, you can get the files you wanna save from the old drive then you're set.


11-27-02, 10:09 AM
if your OS is in good condition, u can copy it over..but it isn't as simple as dragging over files. what version of windows do you run?

Norton Ghost will move over all of them..

the MaxBlast Software (1.27s is the version I use) will move over any 9x version..I'm not sure about MaxBlast 2..I sort of hate it.


11-27-02, 11:55 AM
i dont mind doing a clean install but does that mean i will loose all my settings and microsoft updates and prefrences and all that i am running win xp home.. oh and i got to load all my motherboard drivers again? and i just flashed my bios to abit's updated bios will that effect it?

11-27-02, 12:35 PM
Yes, unfortunately a fresh install means you loose all driver and windows updates. You best bet if you don't want to go through all that is to either ghost or drive image the system.

If your going to do a fresh install may I suggest that you download the service pack. Its a large file, about 121mb. Store it on your drive then slipstream the service pack into the xp cd. This will save you a lot of time after your reinstall because all MS's updates up to the time SP1 came out will be installed during XP's install.

This will explain how to do it. There are instructions for both Nero and EZCD creator.