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11-27-02, 03:17 AM
I've recently found someone to purchase my current system minus my 9700 and corsair. Anyway, ive got about $725 to work with and was wondering what kind of path i should take. the new nforce is very tempting but so is the the p4pe from asus. i was thinking something like this for intel:

Asus p4pe (no 8x agp) or the P4s8x (so i can use the 8x agp of my vid card)

P4 2.4b (best bang for the buck intel wise)

2x80 gb wd se's(already have an Iwill Raid card) (no brainer here)

new cheiftec case ( have one now love it)

48x lite-on cdrw (no coasters yet with my 40x liteon)

LIAN LI RH322, BLACK, IDE Mobile Rack for hard drives of ATA 133/100/66, 7200+ RPM. Aluminum Inner Body(need it to work on other people's crap)

total so far is $747.00

radeon 9700 pro from gigabyte(already have this)

512 mb Corsair pc3500 cas 2(already have this)

I know some wont like the sis board but i honestly have no problems with my current SIS board the p4s533 and its fast as hell. So no SIS slams unless u have legit reasons. (its taken my 1.6a to 2.54 ghz so it dont suck) :)

Amd side i have this for about the same price $754.00

asus a7n8x and the xp2400 retail with all the other parts being the same. i would prolly go amd if i could get the xp2600 but its ungodly $$$. hell i thought i was looking at the p4 section.

Any ideas?????

11-27-02, 10:11 AM
u can prolly get ur p4 to go from 2.4 to 2.8 or so...

ur amd MIGHT go from 2 to 2.45 if you're lucky air cooled..shrug.

11-28-02, 11:27 PM
I think ive changed my mind...im leaning towards the granite bay chipset from intel now...didnt know it was out already. I am glad Painmantra posted a link to it in another thread otherwise i would have been doing the thing i think we all do when we buy new hardware>"why didnt i wait until the next big change comes b4 upgrading">