View Full Version : Driver Problems

11-24-02, 05:12 PM
Something in my system is causing instabilities, aand i know it is something to do with a program or a driver... I had this problem before, but it went away, but when i reformatted it came back. The problem is that my screen will freeze. its like the computer freezes, but when i right click or move the mouse a lot, it will un freeze. Its not a real type of freezing, cuase i can continually type, while its frozen and it comes up.

When the screen comes to, everything is distorted. What can it be, i have tried all diffrent drivers, and bios settings and such. The last time it just fixed itself.

11-25-02, 02:14 AM
hmm... I had a problem JUST LIKE THAT. Turned out it was a virus located on a nother partition. Might want to run a good long scan.