View Full Version : need some help with a motherboard

11-22-02, 09:56 AM
Hi, recently I bought a motherboard together with a celeron 733 CPU, its a socket 370 i think. The motherboard is a SiS type, with onboard graphics, sound, lan. Everything is fine, I've just installed windows 2000 pro on it, but the onboard graphics, sound and lan are not auto detected. Is there any way to check the model of the motherboard just by looking at it? And if yes, where do I get the drivers?

P.S. Normally the motherboard brand and model is located somewhere in between the PCI slots, but this one doesn't have it anywhere. Is there anyway of knowing the motherboard brand/model by looking at the chips?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

11-24-02, 06:41 AM
didn't the mobo come w/ a drivers cd?
try installing a realtek driver for the nic, if the nic didn't auto-detect, then go to Windows Update to see if that can detect the drivers. If that diesn't work, d/l SiSoft Sandra - it's a free trial, and I think it gives you a report about the h/w in your system.
good luck!