View Full Version : yahoo! my second computer is here!

11-22-02, 03:58 AM
i finally got my second computer in! It's not setup and running, but here's what I got for 120.(free shipping)


that's a p3 733 with 256megs of crucial cas2 pc133 ram on a qdi mobo.

I still havent fully decided on a running OS, but I think I'm going to use winxp pro. I wsa going to run slackware with apache, as recommended by iaus10. however, I want to be able to use this machine for other things.

It's main use is to host my family's webpage, but i was thinking about using it for dl'ing and as a ftp storage-type area.

My last question is if I should use apache or II2 as the webserver, or is there something else that's easier. I'd like to have the webserver and basic FTP servers running off the same program; but I dont know exactly will fit my needs.

basically, I'm hoping it'll work to host images for me, host my webpage, some limited file exchange, a downloading work machine and also for a 24/7 folding machine.

I hope I've explained my question enough. if you have any thoughts on this, I would appricate it.