View Full Version : Windows Wont Shut Down

11-20-02, 04:31 PM
This just started When I shut down the comptuer instead of shutting down it restarts. Any ideas?

11-20-02, 04:45 PM
Hmmm, often an easy fix with Win98, as there were two diff shutdown patches, but with WinXP...only time I had seen this in WinXP was with a brand new IBM Netvista last week....right out of the box...brand new. Called IBM support...flashed the BIOS to latest..didn't work. They were about to give me a replacement mobo....when I was done and off the phone, I gave one last shot yanking the BIOS battery to totally default set the BIOS...and that's what did it.

11-20-02, 07:10 PM
Update your ezcd software. Know issue with XP.

Krazy Kraut
11-20-02, 08:56 PM
if u wanna turn ur comp off
and the windows dont wanna shut down
u can always manual shut down
by holding in ur on button
if u have a newer model computer

11-20-02, 08:58 PM
Try updating the bios on your board...

As well as shutting down by pressing the power button once. (dont hold)

11-20-02, 09:44 PM
remove norton products (especially their crap firewall) from the background and try again..if ur running it.