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11-19-02, 06:04 PM
Is there a way to shift one HDD files to another so i dont have to reformat when install a new master HDD?

I got a new faster drive and want to use it as the primary, so i need to know how to do this, thanx.. Easiest possible way too

11-19-02, 06:10 PM
maybe though dos command...

but I'd use ghost myself.

11-19-02, 06:34 PM
MaxBlast Plus II that came with your drive or download.

EZ-Copy lets you make an exact duplicate of your existing hard drive


11-19-02, 09:17 PM
Ghost or Drive Image are your best options. If Dos is a problem for you, use Drive Image.

I use a nice little free app that goes into the command folder, it's called xxcopy. It'll copy everything on the drive to another drive, even 'in use' files. But it would take a bit of typing to spell it all out for you.

If you choose to go with xxcopy, I'll do the typing, if not, forget it :D
Must be FAT32 as well. I've never tried it with NTFS

sorry fish, I didn't see your post. Those ideas sound ok as well.

11-20-02, 12:40 PM
get atleast the 7.5 version. BTW pm for *cough* info.

BTW all you need if the start up disk.