View Full Version : The only way to commute to football!!

11-12-02, 11:52 PM
Got a chance to go to the Husky game this past weekend, via a 66 foot yacht! Pretty dang fun, it included a sleepover and a bit of card playing onboard. Anyways, here's a few pics...

The city as we left...


A cute crew team practicing...


The stadium from our anchorage...


A wreck of a ferry that some millionaire wants to refurbish...


And finally, proof that AYBABTU went mainstream...


11-14-02, 03:22 PM
Wow, I'll bet that was fun!!! Pretty cool! Is it cold up there? I'd be freezing sitting on the water anound here this time of year.

11-16-02, 11:23 PM
Yeah, it is a bit chilly outside right now. But when your on a boat as big as this one, it doesn't really matter. The main living area onboard is about 10 x 20, with a forced air heat system.

Not that I could afford anything like it, but it is fun to know those that can.