View Full Version : The shuttle and space station...

10-19-02, 01:51 PM
...passed right overhead Thursday night right on schedule. They were separated but in close proximity. With a 300mm lens on my SLR I got images on five of the eight frames I shot. So far I've been unable to pull anything up with my film scanner so I don't have any pix to post but I can read the film on a light table with an 8x magnifier.

Except for the last frame, they appeared to be in alignment and looked somewhat like a grasshopper. On the last frame as they approached horizon they appear as two separate objects.

Fascinating to watch. Very bright and fast moving. Traverse time was about two minutes. It never occurred to me before but you can't point a tripod-mounted camera straight up. I lost some time releasing the camera from the pod. What I should have done was just collapse the legs and use it as a monopod. Not thinking.

If I have another opportunity like this I'll use a doubler with this lens, trading off some luminosity for image size. Also black-and-white film for sure. This means putting my darkroom back in operation since it's now being used as a storeroom.

The 1-hour place didn't charge me for developing. He thought it was a blank roll. :D

10-19-02, 06:58 PM
to bad we cant see any pics :( would have been cool