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09-14-02, 08:12 AM
I'm kinda confused right now. Some of the computer shops where i live say that if i run 2 60gb maxtors in raid 0 i'll end up having a single drive that's 120gb, some however say that i will still just have one 60gb drive with increased speed... Which is which??

Then i have another problem, i hear that the pci slot next to the video card should not be used, is this true.. I want to put in a raid controller but all my pci slots are filled except the one next to my video card.. I have an internal modem 100 mb nic lifeview tv tuner and soundblaster live 5.1.. Please help...

09-14-02, 08:56 AM
you will have one drive that is 120gb.... but beware, if one hard drive fails or the RAID fails.... then you will lose all information on both hard drives......

now the video thing.... it shouldnt be a problem, depends on the motherboard..... try to find out if the slot is shared..... i havent seen a pci slot shared with an AGP so you should be ok

09-14-02, 08:57 AM
what is it you want to do with the RAID?

09-14-02, 09:44 AM
Its always been advised not to use the PCI slot right under the AGP slot(PCI slot#1) because on most boards it shares an IRQ with the AGP slot. As with every thing YMMV.

09-14-02, 09:56 AM
ive never had a problem......

whats YMMV

09-14-02, 12:17 PM
it is a common advisory not to use the first PCI slot because of IRQ sharing. However, if you do need to use it then use it. Just try to keep your IRQ sharing from putting it on the same IRQ as your VID. that is the common problem. You can turn off ACPI if it becomes an issue and then the OS will reinstally your devices and reassign IRQs to all of them. Then you can Mnually change the IRQs if needs be. But what good does it do you to need it, have it, and not use it. If you need to use it then do so. The only people that ever have a problem with this are usually gamers or those who use graphics a lot.